I guess the journey 2020 for all has been a typical chaos. Mine was no different either. Being an outdoor type person and so was my career, there was a total full stop to the one thing I enjoyed..being outdoors! With the pandemic, the campus closed, alternates ways to earning was a must! Then came the factor of upskilling oneself to cope with the world and its new ways of requirements. Let me take you through my journey.

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

First step

Initially the thought of this virus was not very serious. I thought it will be like those H1N1 type flu that would vanish in few weeks. So, staying indoors, no more walks and runs, was okay to some extent for a while. Soon, I realised that this lockdown was going to be serious and people are being affected. Then the start of getting a broadband installed, getting used to be on the online platforms, learning various online based platforms for various client needs. A whole new world of interactions with groups of people.

Second Step

The days turned to weeks to months! I had either too much time or no time. The start was like keep doing various indoor exercises or try new dishes for meals, though that soon took a back seat. Something was still missing! I started speaking to lots of friends to check on them, then had online gathering with relatives too. It still was not enough. More so, our team was kept busy with various meetings and presentations as how we can make a difference online. It was a challenge to many but not impossible.

Soon our team was ready with its sessions to be conducted for the clients online. I felt it a little awkward in the beginning as many trainees never put on the video. I was talking to blank screens and with names on them. Its not that I have not had video calls before. It was more with close friends and family. This, however was another level of interactions. The sessions went well. The feedback had been, well…satisfactory, and again that weird feeling of something missing.

Third Step

I could not live with that feeling of something missing throughout now and accept the fact this was what is going to be. I now started diverting my interests to things that I could do at home. Taking the hit of payment cut, I had to prepare further for alternate ways to earn.

I tried to sell home made dishes within the closed community. Lesson learnt, I am not a good marketing person. Then took orders for hand sanitizers, could not take the time off to sell this as it was anyways readily available in our next door shops. I did a couple of freelance training for corporates, doctors and students. This was again same online stuff.

I then started making you tube videos for the first time. Though I was amateur, but it did not stop me from trying. Lot of people gave me suggestions and good feedback to improve. So I managed a few videos. I was also invited for few online panelist talks but still there was a feel of dissatisfaction. What am I going to do more? I started getting bored with these online sessions as a trainer too, so started job hunting. Went with full throttle, though nothing convincing to my liking came up.

Fourth Step

I started developing interest in farming. Various types of ways and then honed down to hydroponic farming. I attended a course online and saw what all was to be done. Then searched for online ways to purchase the kit to experiment in the balcony. Watched a lot of videos, researched how others are doing it. Also got a mentor to help me too with my experiments. I started growing microgreens and leafy vegetables using hydroponics. I was so immersed with this that I lost track of time.

I knew I had to upskill myself in hydroponics and make it big in this farming style. I started attending various workshops to understand how to take this forward and let people know what am doing. I enjoy trying new things and gaining knowledge.

I am still exploring and will continue to do so till I know what exactly I am supposed to do. I do feel, I start a lot of things and not take it to the end. I have so much to explore still and I enjoy doing it so I will keep doing it until I can.